Secure Virtual Data Room portal for file sharing, and its pricing plans

Looking for ways to improve your business? Then Virtual Data Room portal is the best option for you. Here is more about its file-sharing feature.

Data Room portals for secure file-sharing

The increase in the volume of information flows has made the process of transferring information an integral part of the business processes of most organizations. It became necessary to exchange files between various categories of users: both between employees within the company and between employees and contractors. Traditional solutions (e-mail and FTP) no longer satisfy a wide range of requirements for a company’s security subsystem, and the absence of such solutions may even lead to the use of third-party uncontrolled transfer resources (public file sharing), which can become a source of leakage of company confidential information. Moreover, such solutions either fail to provide the transmitted files with comprehensive protection, guarantee the confidentiality of the information and control the exchange process, or complicate this task too much, while significantly increasing the cost of solving it.

Virtual Data Rooms covers a whole range of tasks, namely: automation of data transmission, secure and authorized data exchange, ensuring the confidentiality of transmitted information, ensuring file integrity, managing users and user groups, a simple management interface, support for various authentication methods, integration with existing information systems.

How does it work?

Data Room offers advanced and versatile security solutions to help you quickly adapt to evolving technologies, business needs, and threats. The software is based on the following segments:

  • Simple and secure file sharing. Having an online shared space for such matters allows for any changes to uploaded documents to instantly be updated for everyone. This effectively increases productivity and decreases any potential mistakes.Construction plans, certificates, and documentation must be easily accessible to various parties regardless of location. In the course of the negotiations, selected partners and interested parties can access documents that are kept up to date.
  • Access files from anywhere. This program is very scalable because you can work anywhere and anytime, regardless of your location. The main thing is the availability of the Internet
  • Centralized file access. The important information is thus available centrally in one place and can be found quickly by authorized persons. Once the project has been completed, the virtual data room serves as an archive for any later access that may be required.

There are a large number of Data Room portals that provide their users with various file-sharing functionalities. Such products vary in functionality, but most of them support the following features:

  • Encryption of sent files;
  • Electronic signature affixing to the documents being transferred;
  • Logging and audit of performed operations and system logins;
  • System administration;
  • The ability to integrate with various ISs using the API;
  • Authentication capabilities based on LDAP, AD, Web SSO, X.509, and more.

How much does it cost?

In today’s market, various software products have wide functionality and that you can choose based on the needs of the company. As for using a virtual data room for due diligence, each provider has its packages and prices. Sometimes, the pricing policy for two identical software solutions can differ greatly, and it’s hard to find out the reason for that.

There are multiple approaches to the pricing from pages to rooms to users, with them varying from cents per page to thousands of dollars yearly for complicated rooms. Pricing is most likely to be determined by your business requirements. 

It also should be mentioned, that almost every Data Room provider offers a free trial to experience the software and understand if it is suitable for your business needs.